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Who We Are

The team at Charter Castings really understand the aluminium and zinc sand and gravity die casting process.

From 2000 oil pumps per week to single cylinder head or block castings; from intricate passageways to thin wall sections; from high spec to standard alloys; from the most complicated to the simplest castings, we have already faced and met the cast component problems that you have.

Now producing over £6M of castings every year for a wide range of industries including Truck & Bus Commercial Automotive, Offshore and Onshore Oil & Gas, Aerospace & Defence, and General engineering, if you have a sand or gravity die casting you need making ….. we can sort it.

From our 30,000 ft² facility in the Black Country we supply cast, finished, painted and assembled castings as required, and work with long established local partners to ensure a full range of secondary operations can be delivered.

We continuously invest in our facilities and people, with advanced melting, production, design, quality and environmental facilities, all resulting in our customers getting the components they need when they need them.

In simple terms, Charter Castings is a down to earth company offering down to earth casting solutions.